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Other Notices   

Ayesha Community School and all those involved and affiliated with the school wholeheartedly and unreservedly condemn the recent Paris and Brussels attacks and all other acts of terrorism. Click here to see
the statement from Muslim Council of Britian which we fully support

SCHOOL RE-UNION : Staff and Pupils of the old Algernon Road Primary School 22nd Oct 2016, 11am - 1pm

    and the statement regarding Brussels attack.

School is CLOSED on for half term holidays and will reopen on MON 3rd NOV

We wish you a peaceful & joyous Eid-ul-Adha

School is CLOSED on MONDAY 28th OCT 2013

Due to forecast of high winds and closure of some public transport.
Please check this website for all future announcents on school closures
when there are adverse weather forecasts.

We are aware that snow is forecast today to fall today.
Should we need to make any changes to arrangements for the afternoon we will update this message by 12noon.

if the adverse weather continues or there are poor road conditions,
please continue to check this website each morning after 7am
or call the school on 020 3411 2660 after 7am
School Notices   
New Traffic Camers installed on Montagu Road.
Fines will be issues form 1st April for those vehicles who stop on the Zig Zag lines outside the school.

Have you completed the School Holiday Survey
as per the last newsletter ?

NEXT School Open Day for Prospective Parents/Pupils
Sat 5th Dec 2015 :   2:30pm
Adult Class Notices

Aalima classes for Adults and Girls aged 11 - 15 yrs old
Enrolment and Induction Sat 22 on October at 2pm Register Now
New Aalimah Course starting in 5th Nov 2016

Existing Aalimah classes start again on Sat 12th Sept at 9am

Next course starting in September

               -> Degree Course leading to BA in Islamic Studies
                       through Middlesex University course starting Sep '14
Fiqh, Tajweed & Arabic Short Courses -    To be held in DECEMBER 2013
Women Only Teacher Training Courses - STARTED ->Next course starting Mar'14
Women Only Accounts Courses -             STARTED ->Next course starting Oct'14

             -> BA Islamic Studies Next Course Starting Oct 2014 ! Contact us now

Welcome to Ayesha Community Education
a London Muslim School and Adult Education Centre
Half Term Holiday Mon 24th Oct - Fri 28th Oct 2016.
School will break up at 12noon on Fri 21st October

Business Fair :  Sun 20 Dec 2015, 11am 5pm
Venue                Ayesha Community School, 10a Montagu Road, London NW4 3ES
Entrance Fees    1.00, under 7s Free
Stall Holders      Call 07983 746917

Primary Parents evening      10/11 Oct 2016
Secondary Parents evening  12/13 Oct 2016

SCHOOL RE-UNION : Staff and Pupils of the old Algernon Road Primary School

Junaid Jamshed event on WED 27th Aug 2014 in Colindale - click here for more details.

2015 - 16 Academic year Pupils start date :
Year 7 :                                     Fri 4th Sept 10am
Reception/Nursery Class :      from Wed 9th Sept
All other classes :                    Mon 7th Sept, normal time